Using Essential Oils On The Skin

So the Internet says essential oils kill your skin cells. Is it true? Should you be using essential oils on the skin? How should you be using them? Let’s find out. First, your skin is always dying   Skin is a massive organ of your body with multiple layers. It’s main functions include holding your body together. Without skin, you’d be a puddle of bones and organs. It helps control

Essential Oil Glow Roller For Youthful Skin

Essential Oil Glow Roller For Youthful Skin Your skin is your biggest organ and it is permeable, meaning molecules can pass through it. In fact, dermal application is a key way many medications are administered. Given this fact of permeability, the products we use and their ingredients are extremely important. I don’t know about you, but I’m not willing to risk my health and cellular health over a cotton-candy-coloured and

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My Daily Skin Routine for Problem Skin

My Daily Skin Care Routine For Problem Skin I’ve had problem skin for years. You know those adults you see who don’t seem to have grown out of their crazy, blemished teenage years? Yeah, that was me. Ugh, it honestly is the worst and if you’ve dealt with problem skin or sensitive skin, you know how frustrating it is. Just when one thing starts to work, it actually decides to