Spring Diffuser Blends

Spring is the time of renewal and new beginnings. After a long winter inside, there’s nothing better than cleaning the house from top to bottom and opening all the windows. I like to air the place out, fill the air with clean fresh air, and purify afterwards with essential oils. Here are my favourite spring essential oil diffuser blends.

The Dangers of Fragrance

Indoor air quality is a serious concern. We spend more time inside than ever and our houses are filled with toxic chemicals emitted from our building materials, furniture, candles, air sprays, cleaning products. We don’t go outside, we buy products loaded with chemicals, we don’t air out our homes, we have buildings with mould and bacteria and fungi, and then we spray our homes with artificial and toxic air fresheners and room sprays, light candles loaded with toxic, toxic fragrance, and plug-in fragrances into the wall that emit harmful chemicals.

Cleaning supplies alone are filled with dangerous ingredients and carcinogens as well as dyes and artificial fragrance. The Environmental Working Group discusses the danger of fragrance as causing organ toxicity, immune system toxicant, strong allergen, human respiratory irritant, environmental & wildlife toxicity.

Fragrances include a mixture of undisclosed chemicals used to create certain scents. These chemicals are not derived from its actual botanicals but are a concoction of chemicals mixed together to imitate a smell. Meaning a geranium fragrance does not actually come from geraniums. By law, perfumeries do not have to disclose what’s in their products, which is terrifying.

Fragrances are not only toxic to humans, but they are dangerous and toxic to animals, including your pets.


How Are Essential Oils Different?

Real essential oils–ones that actually come from plants and are not manufactured in a lab–are steam distilled and extracted straight from plants themselves. Essential oils by definition are volatile aromatic compounds. But that doesn’t make them harmful. We consume constituents every day as we’re eating lemons and rosemary and oranges and thyme and black pepper. The compounds are in the fruits and plants. They’re in flowers and trees and we breathe them in every single day.

What the research indicates is that burning essential oils in a warmer or in a candle is where the chemical composition changes. For these reasons, we strongly recommend you do not burn your essential oils or add them to candles. Use a nebulizer that simply blows essential oils into the air or add them to a cold water diffuser/humidifier.

Research also indicates that essential oils actually clean the air and inhibit bacteria growth after 30 to 60 minutes of diffusion. Not only do essential oils come from plants, but they also have an aroma and they clean the air! This makes a strong case for using essential oils to replace your fragrances, candles, room sprays, air fresheners, plugins, oil warmers, wax warmers etc.


3 Spring Diffuser Blends

Herb Garden

4 drops Rosemary

4 drops Thyme

4 drops Lemon

2 drops Spearmint

Add to nebulizer diffuser or to water diffuser and diffuse for 30 to 60 minutes.


Spring Joy

1 drops Ylang Ylang

4 drops Grapefruit

2 drops Lavender

1 drops Peppermint


Now is the time to ditch the toxic ingredients and switch to plant-based options and clean up your home environment.


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