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My Daily Skin Care Routine For Problem Skin

I’ve had problem skin for years. You know those adults you see who don’t seem to have grown out of their crazy, blemished teenage years? Yeah, that was me. Ugh, it honestly is the worst and if you’ve dealt with problem skin or sensitive skin, you know how frustrating it is. Just when one thing starts to work, it actually decides to stop!

I’ve mastered a few things to conquer the blemishes.

1- Eat better food.
Less refined sugars and processed foods, more fruits and veggies and water. Water is SO important for healthy skin, and so is a good diet. There is some debate about whether food and dairy products affect acne, however, in my experience, eliminating milk and sugar has been beneficial. Do your research on this topic and test it out.



2. See a doctor about regulating hormones. This is actually hugely important!

3. Stop using harsh chemicals on your skin. That’s a hard one to conquer, I know. It’s just in us to want to scrub our skin clean and burn everything off our face. When you have oily skin, you just feel dirty. Trust me, been there, done that. The thing I’ve learned is that the more I dry my face out with chemicals, the oilier it gets. The skin freaks out and then overproduces oil.

So here’s what I do: Instead of washing with a harsh facial wash, I wash with a gentle green clay¬† soap (I am SUPER picky about essential oils so buy only straight green clay soap with no scents or oils added) and do a bentonite clay mask 1-2 times/week. The clay pulls out toxins and also promotes oil control. (I just purchase from Amazon)

Then I tone with Young Living’s ART Refreshing Toner, which I absolutely love. This helps keep the pH of the skin regulated.


Next I use essential oils on my skin. I use these morning and night: patchouli, rose (or geranium), frankincense, tea tree, and elemi. I use an extra drop of Tea Tree to support problem areas and also add a drop of Cedarwood for acne spots. I do tend to rotate oils around, taking some out and adding others back in just to keep my skin on its toes.

I dab some of this 100% Pure Coffee Bean eye cream under my eyes for dark circles and puffiness, and then use the Young Living ART Renewal Serum as a lotion. This serum is amazing: it has orchids and essentials that soothe and protect the skin. (*Tip: It can feel tacky to the skin if you use too much. Only use a small squirt. Also, because it’s tacky, it works well as a primer for (Young Living’s Savvy) mineral makeup)

Part of my problem with oily skin is that regular face lotions are just way, way too heavy. Even the other Young Living lotions are too much for my skin, so I just use the Renewal Serum. I actually find the patchouli essential oil to be hydrating as well (remember I have oily skin and not dry skin) and it adds just enough that I don’t need much else.


Then I apply my makeup and off I go on my merry way. At night, I remove makeup with coconut oil or chemical free baby wipes, and then wash face, tone, apply oils, and skip both serum and eye cream.

What do you do to help with problem skin?

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