Immune Support Protocol

It’s the time of year where the kids bring it all home. I don’t know about you, but I just simply don’t have time for downtime. During the winter season, we use all the immune support protocols and tools we can to stay top of our game. The first ones are the obvious, general health maintenance: get adequate sleep, eat a clean diet rich in fresh foods, exercise regularly, good hygiene practices.  And then we add to it.



Everyday Health Supplements

For Adults

Being able to keep up with my kids and stay active and enjoy life is very important to me. So I take supplements every day to keep my body healthy and vibrant and all my systems working at optimal health. BUT I don’t like to take too much either because I just don’t like taking a lot of stuff. Here’s the main three I take everyday to support my system.

  1. Ningxia Red

We do many things to support our health, but one we never go without is our beloved Ningxia Red. This superfood drink is made with organic Ningxia wolfberry (goji berry) puree, citrus essential oils that are high in d-limonene, and other fruits like plum, aronia, cherry, blueberry, and pomegranate. These fruits along with the Ningxia wolfberry are rich in antioxidants and polyphenolic compounds that support normal cellular function. The Ningxia Red is also rich in lutein and zeaxanthin.


2. Multigreens

We sometimes have a hard time getting enough greens into our diet, so we take the MultiGreens supplement. MultiGreens™ is a chlorophyll formula designed to boost vitality by working with the glandular, nervous, and circulatory systems. * MultiGreens is made with spirulina, alfalfa sprouts, barley grass, bee pollen, eleuthero, Pacific kelp, and essential oils. This power packed supplement provides a daily source of greens that can be used as a tool for energy to help get you through the day. Skip the fuss of smoothies and green drinks and go straight to MultiGreens to help invigorate and revitalize your body. This supplement is a good source of antioxidants that help fight and protect cells against/reduce free radicals as well as protects cells against the oxidative effect of and the cell damage caused by those free radicals.

For an extra boost (or if you have trouble swallowing tablets etc), juice a stalk of organic celery and open up a Multigreens capsule and add it to the juice. Mix well and drink immediately. Helloooo energy.


3. Super B

B vitamins are crucial for the body and have many purposes in the body, but the key boost & maintain Combined with Nutmeg essential oil and bioavailable chelated minerals such as magnesium, manganese, selenium, and zinc, Super B is a multi-vitamin/multi-mineral complex containing all 8 essential energy-boosting B vitamins. Super B not helps maintain energy levels, but it also supports the normal function of the immune system, helps protect against oxidative stress caused by free radicals and much more


Bonus Supplement:

4. Life 9 

Life 9 is a probiotic supplement. Probiotics are crucial for building the microbiome in the gut. Research shows us that probiotics support healthy digestion, gut health, and help maintain normal gut function, which leads to a healthy immune system. There’s actually a lot of science on how probiotics affect digestive conditions, bowel diseases, urinary health, respiratory health, cardiac health, skin health, and cognitive and mental health. If you choose one thing from this list, make it Life 9.


For Kids

  1. Ningxia Red (see above)
  2. Kidscents MightyvitesKidScents® MightyVites™ include a full range of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients that deliver whole-food multinutrient support to your child’s general health and well-being. MightyVites benefit from Orgen-kids®, a nutrient-dense, food-based superfruit, plant, and vegetable complex. Free of preservatives and artificial colors and flavors.Orgen-kids® is formulated with Orgen-FA®, which is the best source for natural folate available. Orgen-FA® is 100 percent USDA Certified Organic and does not contain synthetic folic acid or additives. It is extracted using hot water and is no different than the folic acid that is produced when boiling broccoli.
  3. MightyPro – kids prebiotic & probiotic supplement. It tastes so good and is so easy to consume, that adults take them, too.


As soon as we feel the body getting stressed, we move into a few wellness protocols, designed to help support the body and it’s natural defenses.


Essential Oils For Immune Support


  1. Tea Tree

We never go without tea tree essential oil. It’s key for the stimulating the body’s natural defenses. We apply 1 drop over the spleen a couple times a day when we feel the body becoming stressed, or if someone else in the household is already on the downward slide. The spleen is where white blood cells are made, your fighter cells.


2. Lemon

Lemon essential oil is also stimulates natural defenses. It’s a cleansing oil for the body as well. Apply 1 drop over the spleen a couple times throughout the day.


3. Thieves

Thieves essential oil is our go-to germ fighter. We tend to use this oil as a defensive move, and lemon and tea tree as offensive tools. Thieves contains cinnamon and clove, which are essential oils that have been researched and studied for their inhibitory benefits. This oil should be diluted when applied to the skin as it is hot and there is a risk of sensitization.When you’ve come down with a cough or cold, oil up with Thieves. It’s actually very soothing for an irritated throat.


Supplements When We’re Stressed

  1. ImmuPro

ImmuPro contains reishi , maitake, and agaricus blazei mushrooms, which are adaptogens that support the body during stress and balance out the effects. It also contains wolfberry, the superfood that supports the immune system, as well as minerals to support the immune system. The best thing about this supplement is that it delivers melatonin (derived from the mushrooms) that promotes sleep. Sleep helps the body recover.

We give ImmuPro to our children, but only 1/4 to 1/2 doses when they’re bodies are low. You’ll have to decide with your health care provider if that’s right for your children.


2. Inner Defense

Inner Defense is a softgel containing diluted essential oils. It contains powerful essential oils like oregano, thyme and Thieves, which support the immune system.  Inner Defense reinforces  defenses, creates unfriendly terrain for yeast/fungus, and promotes healthy respiratory function. The liquid softgels dissolve quickly for maximum results. {They do contain fish gelatin}

We take these when the body is stressed to boost the body’s natural defenses.


3. Powergize

Powergize is formulated with ashwagandha, eurycoma longifolia, cassia, goldenrod, and blue spruce. My favourite part about this supplement is the ashwagandha, an adaptogen that is touted for its antioxidant and immune-support properties. Powergize:

  • Helps maintain balanced energy levels for physical performance and endurance*
  • Helps boost stamina and enhance sports performance*
  • Sustains energy levels, strength, and vitality when paired with physical activity*
  • Helps support healthy muscles, increase muscle size and strength, and enhance muscle tone and the rate of muscle recovery in men*
  • Promotes a balanced sense of energy and calm*
  • Helps promote mental clarity, concentration, and alertness*
  • Helps promote a healthy response to everyday stress, overwork, and fatigue*
  • Helps relax the body and mind*
  • Promotes overall well-being and hormonal health*
  • Supports the male reproductive system*
  • Eurycoma longifolia supports healthy testosterone levels in both men and women
  • Ashwagandha is touted for its antioxidant and immune-supporting properties*

This supplement may benefit both men and women, but please note it is custom formulated for men.


And of course our beloved Ningxia Red. This is our super weapon and our favourite thing in our house!



It’s best to speak to your health care provider and pharmacist about supplements and supplement use, especially a naturopathic provider who will fully understand the herbal remedies.


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