How To Use Peace & Calming Essential Oil

Peace & Calming essential oil is one of our favourite essential oils. It’s not hard to tell how to use it based on the name of it. We have several open bottles in the house because it’s one that settles and calms the mind and body, as the name suggests.



Peace & Calming is a blend of essential oils that contains orange, ylang ylang, tangerine, patchouli, and blue tansy (also commonly known as Moroccan chamomile). The citrus oils give this blend a yummy, bright, almost sweet scent. Citrus oils are well known for their abilities to lift the mood, and they are nervine and calmatives that can be used to enhance relaxation. Citrus oils can have an energizing effect, but both orange and tangerine have the ability to provide a sense of inner calm.

Both ylang ylang and patchouli are flowers that are mood-balancing as well. Ylang ylang is a beautiful oil for the mood and emotions, as well as to relax the mind. It’s historically and typically used to inspire romance, but it has powerful balancing and calming attributes thanks to the benzyl acetate constituent found in it. Patchouli smells more earthy, almost a little bit like dirt, and it has a settling effect as well.


The real super star of this blend, however, is the blue tansy (tanacetum annuum). Blue tansy is in the same family as chamomile. The distillation process produces a deep blue ink colour, which comes from the constituent chamazulene. This constituent only appears during the distillation process due to the heat and pressure. Blue tansy is a rare botanical that is commonly used in high-end, luxury beauty cosmetics for it’s skin support, but it highly effective essential oil for mood and relaxation.

You’ll read in various places that tansy is contraindicated for pregnancy (meaning it’s not safe to use). This is true, but this is for a different species of tansy. Tanacetum vulgare is the tansy species that most people choose to avoid during pregnancy, and is contraindicated. The blue tansy in Peace & Calming is not this species and is not contraindicated for pregnancy.

Okay, so how do we use Peace & Calming?


1. Diffuse

I absolutely love the smell of Peace & Calming and I think it’s because of the citrus essential oils in it. Add some to your diffuser to freshen the air, or at bedtime to set the tone for the evening.



2. On Your Feet

I keep Peace & Calming on my night table at all times. I rub a drop on my feet at night before I slip into bed to settle and calm my body and mind. If I wake in the middle of the night and my mind starts to run out of control, I apply this to my feet again. I only use 1 drop at a time. I also rub this on my children’s feet as well. I like to use the feet, specifically for children, because the skin is thicker on the bottom of the feet so it absorbs more slowly.



3. In The Bath

Add 4- 5 drops of Peace & Calming essential oil to 1 cup of Epsom salts. Pour into warm bath water and enjoy a relaxing soak. This is the perfect way to unwind at the end of the day and to set your self up for a great, relaxing and restful sleep. Add 1-2 drops of Lavender essential oil for an added relaxation.


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