How To Make Essential Oil Perfume

How To Make Essential Oil Perfume

So you’ve read about the dangers of fragrance and your perfume or cologne, but how do you ever ditch your signature scent? The one you’ve searched for for years and finally found. Your favourite scent you’ve been wearing forever? You make your own essential oil perfume with pure, organic, non-GMO essential oils.


Fragrance is one of the worst consumer ingredients simply from the perspective that the ingredients that make up the fragrance do not have to be disclosed. This is every allergic person and label hawk’s nightmare. I have never understood this bizarre law that what’s in a product does not legally have to be disclosed. It seems highly dangerous and tendency to lean in favour of industry rather than consumer, a problem when you consider the ramifications of fragrance.

Effects of Fragrance

The EWG rates fragrance or parfum at an 8 out of 10 as having high health concerns. It is associated with allergies, dermatitis, respiratory distress, and an immune system toxin. There’s a reason why it’s difficult to breathe when you walk down the laundry aisle or in the perfume section of the beauty store. Fragrance is a toxic mixture of scent chemicals, none of which needed to be labelled on your package, and often include pthalates, known reproductive disturbers.

So What Do You Do?

Switch it out for real, pure essential oils. It’s possible to create and find your signature scent without loading your body with toxic harsh chemicals that cause system distress. Once you step away from the harsh chemicals, you will realize just how disturbing they are to your body.


DIY Essential Oil Perfume

1 ounce 80 proof vodka

1 ounce pure water

essential oils of choice

3 ounce fine mist aromatic spray bottle

Add essential oils to bottle. Add in water and vodka.

Gently swirl to mix. Do not shake.

Let the perfume sit for 4-6 weeks to allow the aromas to blend before using. The longer you let it sit, the better it smells.


Perfume Blends

Florals & Citrus

10 drops bergamot

12 drops lemon

6 drops geranium

5 drops grapefruit

9 drops orange

10 drops vanilla extract


7 drops jasmine

7 drops palmarosa

7 drops grapefruit

7 drops spearmint


8 drops neroli

6 drops palamrosa

4 drops jasmine

2 drops ylang ylang

3 drops vanilla


3 drops black pepper

4 drops jasmine

3 drops bergamot

3 drops orange

1 drop cedarwood

2 drops vanilla


Cologne Blends

8 drops balsam fir

8 drops orange

4 drops frankincense


10 drops cardamom

3 drops vetiver

3 drops ylang ylang


10 drops black pepper

7 drops coriander

3 drops sandalwood


10 drops bergamot

3 drops cardamom

5 drops patchouli

3 drops cedarwood


I love my essential oils and make my own perfume, which I wear every day. Through experimentation and over time, I have my own secret signature scent. Play around and try your own aroma. I recommend getting some of the more expensive oils like rose, jasmine, neroli, frankincense, sandalwood to create a blend as these are highly sought after, luxurious botanicals that work well in most perfumes.

Tips For Blending

Add essential oils slowly. You can always add to your blend, but you can’t take it away. So work slowly. Add a drop and smell. Add some more and smell again.

Use high proof vodka. The higher the proof, the less your perfume will smell boozy.

Use pure real vanilla not imitation vanilla extract. Imitation vanilla is simply flavourings and colourings and synthetic ingredients, which is not at all vanilla. If you can get clear vanilla extract, it is best. It’s difficult to find, but if you can source it from Mexico, that’s the best stuff. I have difficulty getting it here in Canada, so I use this brand.

Use high quality essential oils. Learn why you shouldn’t cheap out on essential oils (hint: it’s serious!). This is my favourite brand and here’s why.

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