Easy Talc-Free Lavender Baby Powder

Traditional baby powder generally contains talc and parfum. Did you know that talcum powder, even the non-asbestos kind, has a risk of causing ovarian cancer? Did you know that the term “parfum” or  “fragrance” is a vague term covering thousands of chemicals that do not legally have to be listed? We all want our babies to smell good, but none of us want to compromise their health. What if I

DIY Non-Toxic Dryer Sheets

Got socks with lost mates?! Instead of drying your clothes with dryer sheets laden with toxic fragrances and perfumes, why not use essential oils on those lost socks? Instead of throwing them out, put them to good use and make your clothes soft and smelling amazing with Young Living Essential oils. I use these in my dryer and my clothes smell amazing and they’re soft, too. What you need: 2-3

How Exactly Should I use My Oils?

So, you just got your new oils, or you’ve been using them for a while, but did you know there are a few tips and tricks to help you get the best from every drop of oil? Watch the video below and learn how to remove seals to stop wasting oils, how to use labels to ensure purity of your oils and ease of use, and how to properly get