Essential Oils In The Belly Button: Is It For Real?

Essential Oils In The Belly Button: Is It For Real? Essential oils in the navel: someone posted about this recently and I’ve gotten an onslaught of questions about it. Is it for real? Short Version: Nope There isn’t much, if any, research about the efficacy of essential oils in the navel as a treatment for disease. And there isn’t any research about vegetable oils in the belly button as a

How To Use Cedarwood Oil

How To Use Cedarwood Oil There are many types of cedarwood: Atlas Cedarwood, Virginian Cedarwood, and Himalyan Cedarwood, Red Cedar Texas Cedar. It can be confusing. The brand of cedarwood I use is the Atlas version. People say that this oil is high in cedrol, but this incorrect. About Cedarwood Oil Atlas cedarwood, species name cedrus atlantica, is also called Morroccan Cedarwood or Atlantic Cedarwood. It is steam distilled from

How To Use Vitex Essential Oil

How To Use Vitex Essential Oil Vitex, also known as chaste tree or Monk’s pepper, is a woman’s best friend. ⁠ ⁠About Vitex Essential Oil The vitex essential oil {species vitex agnus-castus} is steam distilled from the leaves or seeds of the chaste tree. It’s actually a deciduous shrub native to the Mediterranean, central Asia, and some parts of India. ⁠ Back in the day, Greek physician Dioscorides recommended it

Essential Oils Are Not Like Medicine

It’s not that simple. You all hate it when I say that about essential oils, but it’s true. While essential oils have a therapeutic effect on the body, they are not medicine and they don’t behave like medicine. They do not have one simple action. They have many, and they are complicated. Valerie Ann Worwood talks a lot about this. We can take the main constituents of essential oils and

Why You Need A Diffuser: The Benefits of Inhaling Essential Oils

There’s a few misconceptions about aromatherapy and one is around diffusing. There’s this idea that diffusing isn’t necessary, and another one that it’s the only way to use essential oils. This is wrong. Diffusing is only one way to use essential oils, but it is one of the best ways. Aromatic use of essential oils is probably the most researched method of aromatherapy. So let’s talk why you need a diffuser.