How To Use Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus globulus, also known as Blue gum or Tasmanian blue gum, is a popular essential oil. It has been used traditionally for years and for good reason. Eucalyptus Globulus Tree There are so many species of eucalyptus that we tend to just call them by their Latin binomial, and the oil chemistry is different for each species. E.globulus is native to Tasmania, but is also around the globe. The tree makes

Managing Stress And Essential Oils

Stress plays a huge part in our health. There are many recommendations for managing stress with essential oils. Do they work? What Is Stress? Stress does actually have a good purpose as a survival technique. When we were cave people, stress served worked to keep us alive and away from the tigers. It shifts the body from the rest and digest phase into the fight or flight mode so we

Can You Be Allergic To Essential Oils?

This is a hot topic in the world of aromatherapy. There are so many different opinions and ideas out there. Blogs cite information that doesn’t sound right. Often it isn’t. So let’s chat about essential oils and allergies, and allergic reactions. Can You Be Allergic To Essential Oils? Yes. However, true allergies are rare.  First of all, let’s get some basics out of the way. What is an allergy? It is

Essential Oils In The Belly Button: Is It For Real?

Essential Oils In The Belly Button: Is It For Real? Essential oils in the navel: someone posted about this recently and I’ve gotten an onslaught of questions about it. Is it for real? Short Version: Nope There isn’t much, if any, research about the efficacy of essential oils in the navel as a treatment for disease. And there isn’t any research about vegetable oils in the belly button as a