Essential Oils For Nighttime

We use essential oils throughout the day, but some of our favourite times of days are in the morning when we’re just getting started with the day, and the evening when we’re settling down. I love to use essential oils to settle and calm my body and my kids so we can relax and prime the body for rest. Let’s discover some essential oils to use for rest and the best way to use them.



Essential Oils For Rest

  1. Valerian

Valerian essential oil is high in constituent bornyl acetate. In human studies, this bornyl acetate ester was found to induce autonomic relaxation¬†(relaxation of autonomic nervous system) and reduce arousal after visual display terminal work (computer work). The autonomic nervous system receives information about the body and the external environment. It has two parts of the system: sympathetic nervous system–responsible for fight or flight response– and the parasympathetic nervous system–controls body processes during normal situations, like heart rate, digestion, respiratory rate etc.¬†Diffuse valerian or apply 1 drop to shoulders, neck, for a light massage.


2. Lavender


Lavender essential oil has been widely researched for its application in sleep. This study found that babies bathed in lavender bath cried less, spent more time looking at their mother, and spent more time in deep sleep than those who weren’t. Cortisol levels decreased, demonstrating the relaxation behaviour of this essential oil.


3. Cedarwood


Cedarwood essential oil is a wonderful calming and relaxing essential oil. Diffuse or apply to brain stem, shoulders, and chest to induce relaxation.


4. RutaVala

RutaVala is a blend of essential oils contains rue oil, valerian, and lavender in an easy-to-use roller bottle. This combination of essential oils is very relaxing. Use before bed and rub on shoulders, neck, and chest, or incorporate into a light massage, or diffuse. Do not use on pregnant women, or children. Rue is a potent essential oil.


Test on your skin before applying in multiple spots, and use carrier oil to dilute. I generally recommend carrier oil for sensitive skin, children, for hot and irritating essential oils, and for application to large areas or diseased skin.


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