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Okay, we all know how precious cats are, but their litter boxes not so much. Make this easy, affordable DIY deodorizer with essential oils and keep the litter box fresh.

*Note: cats generally are averse to citrus essential oils. If choosing a different essential oil than what is suggest, keep that in mind.


What you need:
4 cups baking soda
25 drops Purification essential oil or Puriclean essential oil

1. Combine ingredients and store in sealed container.
2. Sprinkle 2 tbsp into litter box during daily cleaning.

No toxins, healthy cats, clean and fresh house. Win-win for everyone!

Purification blend contains lemongrass, rosemary, melaleuca (M. alternifolia), myrtle, citronella.

Puriclean is designed specifically for animals. It contains Caprylic/capric glycerides, patchouli oil, lavender, mountain savory,  palo santo, cistus,  citronella,  lemongrass, rosemary,  tea tree,  lavandin, myrtle.

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