Easy Talc-Free Lavender Baby Powder

Traditional baby powder generally contains talc and parfum. Did you know that talcum powder, even the non-asbestos kind, has a risk of causing ovarian cancer? Did you know that the term “parfum” or  “fragrance” is a vague term covering thousands of chemicals that do not legally have to be listed? We all want our babies to smell good, but none of us want to compromise their health. What if I told you you could make a baby powder that has only 2 ingredients? You’d know exactly what you’re getting.


Talc-Free Lavender Baby Powder

What you need:

1/4 cup cornstarch, preferably organic, non-GMO
10-20 drops  Lavender essential oil
repurposed spice jar

1. Measure out 1/4 cup of organic, non-GMO cornstarch.
2. Add 10-20 drops of Lavender essential oil. I only use this brand and here’s why.
3. Mix well. Store in glass jar. I repurposed an empty spice jar.
3. Dust as needed.*Do NOT use cornstarch baby powder if your child has yeast infection. Starch will feed the infection. Substitute cornstarch with bentonite clay powder.*

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