DIY Essential Oil Muscle Cream

I’m running a marathon this year and I’ve been slowly working my way up in my training schedule. It hasn’t been too hard on the legs, but because I haven’t been stretching well enough, this muscle cream is becoming necessary. I have a Young Living Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream that I really love, but I can’t get it in Canada, so when I’m out, it’s a sad day and I have to make my own. Try this DIY essential oil muscle cream to help your tired and sore bones, joints, and muscles.


DIY Essential Oil Muscle Cream

1 cup organic coconut oil

2+ squirts Ortho Ease Massage oil

10 drops wintergreen essential oil

5 drops peppermint essential oil

5 drops balsam fir essential oil


  1. Add ingredients to glass mason jar. Whip with a fork.
  2. Apply small amount to tired, aching joints, bones, and muscles. Coconut oil spreads liberally, so you don’t need much.
  3. Store in cool place to avoid melting. Fridge is okay.

For a warming blend, swap balsam fir for black pepper essential oil or clove essential oil. To promote extra circulation, add 5 drops cypress.

Every time I make this, it changes. I don’t necessarily have set recipes, and the amount of drops change. Play with your recipe until you find something that works for your body. Be careful not to add too much essential oil.


Other variations:

Swap out Ortho Ease massage oil for Ortho Sport massage oil. Or eliminate and use grapeseed oil instead.

Other blend mixtures:

10 drops PanAway                                         10 drops Peppermint                                                    10 drops Aroma Siez

5 drops Cypress                                              5 drops Helichrysum                                                     5 drops Marjoram

5 drops Marjoram                                          5 drops Clove                                                                  5 drops Cypress

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