Can You Be Allergic To Essential Oils?

This is a hot topic in the world of aromatherapy. There are so many different opinions and ideas out there. Blogs cite information that doesn’t sound right. Often it isn’t. So let’s chat about essential oils and allergies, and allergic reactions. Can You Be Allergic To Essential Oils? Yes. However, true allergies are rare.  First of all, let’s get some basics out of the way. What is an allergy? It is

How To Use Vitex Essential Oil

How To Use Vitex Essential Oil Vitex, also known as chaste tree or Monk’s pepper, is a woman’s best friend. ⁠ ⁠About Vitex Essential Oil The vitex essential oil {species vitex agnus-castus} is steam distilled from the leaves or seeds of the chaste tree. It’s actually a deciduous shrub native to the Mediterranean, central Asia, and some parts of India. ⁠ Back in the day, Greek physician Dioscorides recommended it

Essential Oil Fractional Distillation & Rectification

Fractional Distillation & Rectification Understanding how essential oils are distilled helps understand quality and why it’s important. Fractional distillation & rectification are common industry practices that you should be wary of and here’s why. What Is Fractional Distillation? Fractional distillation is the process of removing molecules from essential oils. This is done to make the essential oil have a more appealing smell. This is a very common practice in the

Essential Oils For Nighttime

Essential Oils For Nighttime We use essential oils throughout the day, but some of our favourite times of days are in the morning when we’re just getting started with the day, and the evening when we’re settling down. I love to use essential oils to settle and calm my body and my kids so we can relax and prime the body for rest. Let’s discover some essential oils to use

Essential Oils & Feelings of Anxiousness

Essential Oils & Feelings of Anxiousness Aromatherapy is a misleading term. While one of the most effective ways of using essential oils is through topical application directly to the body, the traditional way of using aromatherapy through inhaling the aromas of essential oils is actually extremely effective when we talk about feelings and emotions and emotional health. Research shows us that certain essential oils have a positive impact when dealing