Hyssop Essential Oil Safety

All About Hyssop Essential Oil Everywhere you read, hyssop is indicated as an essential oil with precautions and one everyone should be afraid of. Is the information correct? Let’s learn about hyssop essential oil safety.   What is Hyssop? Hyssop a plant called hyssopus officinalis, is steam distilled from its flowers and leaves. It has purple flowers, and it looks quite like lavender, however they are not the same or

Using Essential Oils On The Skin

So the Internet says essential oils kill your skin cells. Is it true? Should you be using essential oils on the skin? How should you be using them? Let’s find out. First, your skin is always dying   Skin is a massive organ of your body with multiple layers. It’s main functions include holding your body together. Without skin, you’d be a puddle of bones and organs. It helps control

How To Use Essential Oils On Babies

One of the most common questions I receive is about using essential oils on babies and kids. Moms ask me all the time: Can I use oils on my kids? How do I use oils on my kids? Which ones should I not use? I heard I shouldn’t use this oil. Is that true?┬áCan I use essential oils on babies? All. the. time. The answer is yes. And I’m going

Essential Oil vs Essence & Isolates: What’s The Difference?

Essential Oil vs Essence & Isolates: What’s The Difference? There are so many essential oil products out there, how do you know what is what? Maybe you’ve seen an essential oil beside an essence beside and isolate. What is the difference between them all? Let’s learn.   Essential Oil An essential oil is a potent, concentrated aromatic, volatile liquid extracted from the leaves, flowers, bark, twigs, of trees, flowers, plants,

Does Grapefruit Essential Oil & Medication Interactions

Certain types of medication are metabolized by the CYP3A4 enzyme. Grapefruit juice inhibits this enzyme, making the liver produce less of it, and interacts with certain medications. So grapefruit juice can make medication less effective, and doctors warn against consuming it while on certain medications. So what if you use grapefruit essential oil? Will it do the same thing?     First, No Grapefruit juice contains a constituent called dihydroxybergamottin,