Clearing Negative Energy With Essential Oils

How To Clear Negative Energy With Essential Oils Smudging is an Aboriginal cultural ceremonial practice where sacred herbs are burned as part of a ritual, or for cleansing or health purposes. When a room is being smudged, the smoke is wafted around the area and the person smudging prays for the negative energy to leave and for positive energy to remain. The ashes are placed outside on the ground as

Essential Oil Glow Roller For Youthful Skin

Essential Oil Glow Roller For Youthful Skin Your skin is your biggest organ and it is permeable, meaning molecules can pass through it. In fact, dermal application is a key way many medications are administered. Given this fact of permeability, the products we use and their ingredients are extremely important. I don’t know about you, but I’m not willing to risk my health and cellular health over a cotton-candy-coloured and

DIY Essential Oil Muscle Cream

DIY Essential Oil Muscle Cream I’m running a marathon this year and I’ve been slowly working my way up in my training schedule. It hasn’t been too hard on the legs, but because I haven’t been stretching well enough, this muscle cream is becoming necessary. I have a Young Living Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream that I really love, but I can’t get it in Canada, so when I’m out,

Essential Oils & Pool Skin

Essential Oils & Pool Skin We were just on holidays and spent a lot of time in the hotel pools. One of my kids has extremely sensitive skin and he developed a major rash all of his neck and shoulders. He had the chlorine itch that swimmers tend to get. Ugh. Here’s some of our tricks on how we took care of it.     Rinse before and after swimming

3 Reasons Not To Cheap Out On Essential Oils

3 Reasons Not To Cheap Out On Essential Oils Essential oils are trendy these days. Everybody seems to be selling them. Even some companies with unrelated product base (ahem, weight loss shake companies) who believe they should jump on the bandwagon. So, what do you do when everyone seems to be selling them and you can get them for cheap-cheap on Amazon? I’m going to make a case for why