Can You Take Essential Oils Internally?

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One of my FAQs is whether or not we can take essential oils internally. The short answer, yes!

Young Living has a whole line of essential oils specifically for dietary use. Use 1 to 2 drops of + essential oils to flavour your hot chocolate, coffee, water, drinks, marinades, sauces and more! Use + oils also to flavour dishes and meals. Essential oils have a brighter flavour than dried herbs, and it’s easier than having fresh herbs on hand.

They are powerful oils and very cost effective since 1 to 2 drops goes a long way! (PS Look for my Mint Chocolate brownies recipe coming this month Yum!)



So what are the details of ingesting essential oils?

If you’re new to essential oils, you may have read that you shouldn’t actually ingest oils. In fact, aromatherapists have generally felt that it isn’t a recommended method of usage and there is a lot of conflicting information and advice. Aromatherapists can’t seem to decide among themselves where to stand on this issue. But even large organizations believe that internal usage is safe. The National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy has come out in support of safe, internal use of essential oils.

Here’s the thing: There are Dos and Don’ts of ingesting them.

-use essential oils to flavour drinks and recipes
-use only 1 to 2 drops at a time
-be careful – more is not more
-start low and go slow
learn the basics of essential oils

-drink teaspoons or bottles of essential oils –this is not a good idea or safe. Again, more is not more
-ingest oils for “prevention”
-ingest generic brand or store-bought essential oils. Recipes and information this website is only for Young Living Essential oils. Not all essential oils are created equally. Many essential oil companies create oils that are not safe for topical use let alone dietary use.

Young Living Canada and Europe Plus oils are white labelled as are Young Living USA Vitality oils. These are the same essential oils found in the otherwise-labelled bottles, but these specific white labels give safe usage instructions for dietary use.



Exactly how do you use these essential oils in a recipe? Try these Coconut Lime Sugar Cookies. Can anyone say yum?!

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