Essential Oils Are Not Like Medicine

It’s not that simple. You all hate it when I say that about essential oils, but it’s true. While essential oils have a therapeutic effect on the body, they are not medicine and they don’t behave like medicine. They do not have one simple action. They have many, and they are complicated. Valerie Ann Worwood talks a lot about this. We can take the main constituents of essential oils and

Why You Need A Diffuser: The Benefits of Inhaling Essential Oils

There’s a few misconceptions about aromatherapy and one is around diffusing. There’s this idea that diffusing isn’t necessary, and another one that it’s the only way to use essential oils. This is wrong. Diffusing is only¬†one way to use essential oils, but it is one of the best ways. Aromatic use of essential oils is probably the most researched method of aromatherapy. So let’s talk why you need a diffuser.

How To Make Essential Oil Perfume

How To Make Essential Oil Perfume So you’ve read about the dangers of fragrance and your perfume or cologne, but how do you ever ditch your signature scent? The one you’ve searched for for years and finally found. Your favourite scent you’ve been wearing forever? You make your own essential oil perfume with pure, organic, non-GMO essential oils.   Fragrance is one of the worst consumer ingredients simply from the

Going Green: My Favourite Green Household Products

Going Green: My Favourite Green Household Products It can be overwhelming to overhaul your home and transform to the green, and natural lifestyle, so I’ve created a list of my favourite green household products and what I recommend you use and have on hand to get started. First: How do you tackle the transformation? Do you just throw everything out and go buy all new things? In my case, yes!

Essential Oils For A Sprained Ankle

Essential Oils For A Sprained Ankle This week my son wrenched his ankle doing some sports. The muscle is tender and painful and it’s difficult to walk, however it’s more of a minor strain. Of course, my oils are the first thing we bring out. I’m going to share my secrets with you on essential oils for a sprained ankle. Essential Oils There are 3 things I focus immediately on