Cheryl Whitten is an aromatherapist, published writer, entrepreneur, and founder of the Lemon Lover Tribe. She specializes in teaching women and families how to harness the power of nature to take charge of their health and the health of their children. Cheryl graduated Athabasca University with a Bachelor of Arts With Distinction in English Literature and studied aromatherapy with Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies.  She has used essential oils for 15 years and has a passion for all things natural. Her greatest accomplishment is raising three hippy children whose first medicinal choices are essential oils.



My Story

My story starts with my family.  I started with essential oils back in the day in 2004 when I was a teenager. My older sister brought home Young Living as a way to help my parents cope with the emotional weight from the loss of a child. I loved how they made me feel balanced and whole, and I as soon as I was old enough, I secured my own membership.

Today, I never ever go a day without them and I tell everyone because I am forever thankful. They gave our family hope, and today they empower me as a mom hoping to continue the legacy for my own kids. I am empowered in my own health. I have tools from nature that take care of my pain, common ailments, and I've taken charge of my own health. And I am teaching my own kids how to respectfully treat their own bodies in wholeness with nature, and I'm leading a life of purpose and wellness.

So Who Is This Tribe?

An international group of Lemon Lovers working together to bring wellness and essential oils into the world. We're across Canada: Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Nova Scotia; the United States, and the United Kingdom. We're inspired by nontoxic and natural living, good, healthy food, and the simple Do-It-Yourself lifestyle. We believe in education and working together to help others succeed in living their best life.

We are mothers and fathers, families, individuals, husbands and wives, fitness buffs, animal lovers, DIY Queens and Kings, teachers, writers, tradespeople, farmers, and everything in between. We love Young Living essential oils and products and couldn't imagine a life without them.

If that sounds like something you're into, join us! We'd love to have you.


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