Cheryl Whitten is a professional writer, speaker, entrepreneur, and Clinical Aromatherapist. She graduated Athabasca University with a Bachelor of Arts With Distinction in English Literature and graduated Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies with Honours in a 600-hour certification in Advanced Aromatherapy.  Cheryl studied stress reduction and aromatherapy and presented research at the Canadian Mental Health Association Alberta annual conference and her work has appeared in the International Journal of Professional Holistic Aromatherapy. She has used essential oils for 16 years and has a passion for all things natural. Her greatest accomplishment is raising three children whose first medicinal choices are essential oils.

My Story

My story starts with my family.  I started with essential oils back in the day in 2004 when I was a teenager. My older sister brought home aromatherapy as a way to help my parents cope with the emotional weight from the loss of a child. I loved how they made me feel balanced and whole. As I had my own children, I learned the great cost of stress as I developed two autoimmune diseases: osteoarthritis and Hashimoto thyroiditis. After collapsing with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and being forced to leave my job, I became obsessed with reducing stress and finding the root cause. Over time, I have completely re-modelled my bones, showing symptom-free bone scans, and I have recovered into vibrant health.

Today, I never ever go a day without my aromatherapy. They gave our family hope, and today they empower me as a mom hoping to continue the legacy for my kids. I have tools from nature that take care of my pain, common ailments, and I’ve taken charge of my own health. Because of my own experience with pain and stress and mental health distress, I specialize in helping women reduce theirs through natural means.