3 Reasons Not To Cheap Out On Essential Oils

Essential oils are trendy these days. Everybody seems to be selling them. Even some companies with unrelated product base (ahem, weight loss shake companies) who believe they should jump on the bandwagon. So, what do you do when everyone seems to be selling them and you can get them for cheap-cheap on Amazon? I’m going to make a case for why you absolutely, 100%, from an aromatherapist’s point of view, should never ever ever ever ever ever ever cheap out on your essential oils and buy unverifiable essential oils.

Essential Oils Cross the Blood Brain Barrier

Because of their molecular structure, essential oils can cross through the blood brain barrier. The BBB exists to keep organisms and substances from entering your brain and disturbing function. Essential oils are small enough that they can cross the barrier, which makes them wonderful remedies for health, but it also means that you should be extremely careful where you’re getting your essential oils from.

There are no regulatory processes or standards for essential oils. Many components of essential oils can be synthesized and manufactured in a lab and put together to technically be called an essential oil, and it is standard practice for many companies to do this. Or to add these components to essential oils to make them smell better. Synthesized essential oils are dangerous for health and greatly increase the risk of adverse reactions. Essential oils should come from real, actual plants and should not be adulterated. When you consider that they can enter. your. brain, you should be extremely strict about what you use. 

Essential Oils Absorb Into Tissues & Organs

Essential oils are fat soluble. This means that essential oils are absorbed into your fatty tissue and organs. Let me say that again: essential oils absorb into your organs and tissues. You do not want cheap, poor quality, fake products absorbing into your tissues and organs. That is a recipe for illness and adverse reaction.

Essential Oils Enter Your Bloodstream & Permeate Cells

You absorb 5% of essential oil applied topically (95% of it evaporates), 50% of inhaled essential oil, and 90% of ingested essential oil. It absorbs into your tissues and organs (see above point) and enters your bloodstream. Essential oils also permeate cells, a key factor in their actions against microorganisms and invaders. Once again, if it can enter your bloodstream and actually affect your body at a cellular level, it is extremely important to be using high quality products. Adverse reactions significantly increases when you use cheap, poor quality, synthesized, or adulterated essential oils.

Quality is everything in aromatherapy.

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