3 Natural Stress Relievers With Essential Oils

natural stress relievers
Most of us face stresses throughout our day. Maybe the boss has piled on the workload. Maybe the children are crying. The dishes are piling up. The kids are the fighting. The husband is late. All 3 kids have to be at different places at the same time…. Sometimes life can be stressful and we know it has a serious impact on the body.

How many of you have stressed about how stressed you are?! It’s a cycle, right?

Well, take yourself out of the cycle with these 3 natural stress relievers. The sense of smell (the olfaction sense) is connected to our emotions, our ambitions and drives, flight or fight response. By inhaling a calming and soothing scent, you can actually calm your emotions and your bodily responses. (Cool, right?!)


Stress Away

Stress Away is by far my favourite essential oil for busting through stress. It has a DELICIOUS smell. Like, yummy creamsicle delicious.

The lime, ocotea, vanilla, cedarwood, and lavender are seriously so amazing together.Cedarwood and lavender are both very calming oils, and the lime and ocotea are uplifting, which lifts the mood and also counteracts the sedative effect of lavender and cedarwood. You’re going to feel more balanced and calm after using Stress Away, but not ready to fall asleep either.

Triple Threat Stress Buster


Minimize feelings of burnout with Peppermint, Basil, and Helichrysum essential oils. These are powerful essential oils, especially when you combine them, and can be used to de-stress.

Put 1-2 drops of Basil, Peppermint, and Helichrysum in your palm. Rub together, hold over nose, and breathe deeply. After a few minutes, apply the remainder to your shoulders, over your heart, and under your nose.

Target Stress With Orange and Cedarwood


Cedarwood essential oil is incredibly calming. It smells, obviously, like a forest (and it has other awesome benefits like repairing split ends, and treating acne), but its main constituent cedrol has calming applications (which also makes it great for sleep). Combine it with Orange essential oil and feel yourself calm and soothe, and your mood lift with the Orange. Citrus oils are very powerful for lifting the mood. It’s like sunshine in a bottle and it’s amazing. Combine the two oils for a great stress buster.

1 drop cedarwood with
1 drop orange essential oil
and carrier oil
and massage into temples, into shoulders, rub on chest over heart, cup your hands over your nose and inhale deeply.

Okay, try these out. Tell me what you think. Which one is your favourite?

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