3 Essential Oils For A Restful Sleep

restful sleep

Sleep is crucial for the body, and anyone who doesn’t get enough of it knows that life is difficult when you’re tire, and worse when you’re exhausted.

Let’s learn about 3 essential oils to use to promote a restful night.

1. Lavender


Lavender essential oil is a nervine and calmative. This is one of the most popular essential oils ever (because a) if in doubt, use lavender and b) it’s the most commonly known) and it’s the most popular for relaxation. Real lavender smells nothing like the perfumes and scents you find in the store, but it is highly effective at calming and promoting relaxation. This essential oil contains linalool, a naturally occuring constituent that has sedative effects.

Rub one drop on the feet before bed. Diffuse for 20 minutes before bed. This essential oil gentle. Diffuse in a nursery to promote sleep. Rub one drop of lavender with minimum 1 drop of fractionated coconut oil on a healthy baby’s or toddler’s feet and put on footed pyjamas.

2. Cedarwood


Cedarwood is also a nervine and calmative. This essential oil smells like dirt or earth, but it promotes and enhances relaxation.

Rub one drop on the feet before bed. Add to diffuser for 20 minutes before bed.

3. Rutavala


Rutavala is a special blend by Young Living that contains Rue oil, Valerian, and Lavender as well as coconut oil for a carrier oil. Valerian is another calming essential oil that is very effective for promoting and enhancing relaxation. Finding a good quality of rue is extremely difficult, and there are some debates about rue oil. If you’ve heard debate about it, here’s a great link that breaks down information for you. Valerian oil is actually distilled from valerian root and it is a calming and grounding oil.

Rub one drop of Rutavala on the feet before. Add to diffuser for 20 minutes before bed.  For children, Young Living’s Kidscents Sleepyize –prediluted blend formulated specifically for children– contains some of the similar ingredients as RutaVala plus others.

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