11 Ways To Use Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil is a basic oil, and in my opinion, one that should be in every home. Just like lavender. Let’s learn 11 ways to use lemon!


About Lemon Essential Oil

Where many essential oils are steam distilled, lemon oil is pressed from the rind rather than distilled from the fruit. If you’ve rimmed your glass with a lemon peel before, you’ve actually had lemon essential oil! It takes 75 lemons to make one bottle of lemon essential oil.

Lemon essential oil (citrus limon) contains several different constituents: limonene, beta-pinene, & gamma-terpinene. Limonene makes up more than half the profile of lemon essential oil.

Take care with using lemon in the sunlight. While not all citrus essential oils are photosensitive or phototoxic, lemon certainly is. This is because of a type of chemical compound called a furanocoumarin that naturally exists within lemons. When sunlight reacts with it, the risk of sunburn, blistering, redness, and irritation increases. Avoid direct sunlight for 12 hours after applying.

Except for caution in sunlight, lemon oil is a gentle oil and safe to use in most populations. Some individuals may find it irritating to the skin. Test on skin before using.




Nausea & Vomiting

This study demonstrated that lemon essential oil inhaled reduced nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. Diffuse, inhale straight from the bottle, or place a drop in palms and cup hands over nose to inhale deeply. You may place beneath your nose as well, however, consider whether you’ll be in sunlight.


Cough & Cold

Use lemon to reduce the symptoms of cough and cold. Rub on the chest and along the throat. Dilution needed only for the most sensitive skin.


Sinus Steam

Because of it’s effectiveness for cough and cold, add a drop of lemon oil with 1 drop eucalyptus globulus or 1 drop lavender (for children 6 and under) to a bowl of hot water. Put a towel over head over the bowl, without putting face in the water, and inhale deeply.


Sore Throat Soother

Rub 1 drop Lemon essential oil with 1 drop Thieves essential oil and 1 to 2 drops coconut oil along sides of throat. Or, add 1 drop Lemon+ essential oil to a tablespoon of organic Manuka honey and swallow.





Boost Natural Defenses

Give your body the boost it needs. Rub a drop over the spleen where white blood cells are made.


Natural Whitener

Use Lemon+ essential oil with your toothpaste and rub on your teeth and gums to whiten teeth and promote oral health. Add 10 drops to a cup of water and spray on wet hair before going in the

sun. Use caution on your scalp.


Remove Sticker Residue

Lemon essential oil breaks down sticker gum/residue. Rub a drop on the area and remove the residue. Continue until area is clean.


Freshen and Clear Environment

There’s a reason why lemon is in so many cleaning products: it has powerful cleaning benefits & a fresh, clean aroma. Diffuse 15-20 drops if your diffuser to purify the air, freshen the aroma, and clear the energy.


Boost Mood

All citrus essential oils boost the mood. Diffuse or apply to promote a lifted mood. Add 10 drops lemon to a cup of Epsom bath salts with 10 drops each of grapefruit & orange essential oils and enjoy a blissful bath!


Cleaning Supplies & Laundry

Add lemon to your cleaning mixtures and laundry for a fresh, clean aroma, and a boost power cleaning power!


Add to Water for Cleansing

Lemon has a cleansing effect on the body. Add one drop of Lemon+ essential oil to your {glass or stainless steel} bottle of water and drink. Do not add essential oils to plastic water bottles, especially disposable bottles.


Why Quality Matters

You can find lemon essential oil from many different companies. What’s important to know is that because of their molecular make-up, essential oils diffuse into your tissues and enter your cells, which means they actually enter your organs and affect your health. Quality is extremely important for this reason, but unfortunately the industry is highly unregulated. Make sure your essential oils legitimately come from a plant. Make sure it comes from a real farm, and make sure you can actually verify that. Learn more about why you shouldn’t cheap out on essential oils.

I choose only to use Young Living essential oils and have exclusively for the last 15 years because quality is everything. Learn why.


How do you use lemon?


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